The Fostering Success Coach Training

is designed for professionals who are working with students and youth who have experienced foster care or adverse childhood experiences.

     The Fostering Success Coaching Model really works, for my clients and anyone else who may need help to reach a goal. It is a real paradigm shift from ‘We will identify everything you need to do to fix your problems and you only need to comply’ to ‘You can fix it yourself with help…

Gerrie Miller

MDHHS Foster Care Professional

   I have had the privilege of a great deal of professional development during my 15+ years in the fields of education and social work. Very little has been as transformative as the Fostering Success Coach Training, which is hands down the best, most comprehensive model for serving students impacted by trauma.

Gabrielle Ridley

Guardian Scholars Coordinator

     Going through coach training was a very informative and eye-opening experience.  My greatest takeaway was developing the ability to work through the coaching framework while remaining present and conversing naturally with students.  This unique opportunity  has already changed my work life in such a positive way.

Tamara Toutant

Seita Scholars Campus Coach


About Us

Vision & Goals

Our Model's Approach

The Fostering Success Coach Model can be applied as a full program of support or adapted as a core skill set for educational advisors, educational mentors, and other professionals providing support to young people. A set of sequential trainings provide instruction, practice, and expert feedback to professionals interested in incorporating coaching techniques into their work with students.

Our Vision

The Fostering Success Coach Training will train professionals in the Fostering Success Coach Model in order to increase national rates of post-secondary education access, success, and graduation among students who have experienced foster care.

Program History

​The Fostering Success Coach Model was developed within the Seita Scholars Program, a campus support program for students from foster care at Western Michigan University. Development of the model began in 2008 and evolved over time by partnering with students who shared their experiences of attending college after time spent in foster care. The model developers sought to ground their understanding of these student experiences in the most recent theory and research available, refined it by internal program evaluation, and shaped it by clinical-level scrutiny. In 2013 the FS Coach Training, which teaches professionals the Fostering Success Coaching Model, was piloted with over 50 professionals in Michigan; since then over 400 professionals across the country have been trained as Fostering Success Coaches.

Program Goals:

1. Increase availability of high quality resources and expert training for professionals who are supporting students from foster care in educational settings.

2. Increase numbers of trained, skilled professionals providing integrative support to youth and students from foster care or who have had adverse childhood experiences through the implementation of the Fostering Success Coaching Model.

3. Increase numbers of youth and students from foster care or who have had adverse childhood experiences earning post-secondary degrees and becoming professionally employed.

4. Create a strong and enduring networks addressing needs of youth and alumni of foster care in relation to higher education and career.

Upcoming Trainings

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June 2020 - November 2020




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Level I



September 2020 - March 2020




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Training Details

Level I introduces the core infrastructure of the Fostering Success Coach Model, including the seven core principles and three practice elements. This training focuses on building a strong conceptual foundation for working with youth, and provides a practice skill set for working with students from foster care.

Highlights include:

  • Learn the seven core principles of the Fostering Success Coaching Model philosophy of action: interdependent relationships, cultural humility, learner centered, teaching in real time, skill-based asset development, network development, and empowerment evaluation.

  • Learn how to assess, prioritize, and teach, the three practice steps of the Fostering Success Coaching Model, in partnership with students.

  • Learn how to use coaching skills to develop partnered relationships and teach skills to support college success and career transition.

Cost: $849 per person

Total Contact Hours: 24

Level I Training

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