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Coaching Affiliates

What are they?

Coaching Affiliations are organizations or programs that are implementing the Fostering Success Coach Model at a high level of fidelity. They have been observed and continue to be observed by members of our Training Team to ensure The Model is still being implemented and followed by all coaches with all clients. All of our Coaching Affiliations have implemented evaluation methods or checks and balances to ensure the model is being applied by their staff members. If interested in what that looks like for each Coaching Affiliation, please contact the Director of the particular program you’re interested in listed below.

Where are they?


Seita Scholars Program
Kalamazoo, MI
Western Michigan University

The Seita Scholars Program is the birth place of the Fostering Success Coach Model, and their beginnings are closely tied. Established in 2007, the Seita Scholars Program supports students that have been in foster care that are now attending WMU. Their team supports around 100-150 students per year, and graduation rates among their students are nearly 12x higher than the national average for those that have been in care.

Their team currently consists of four Campus Coaches all of which have been trained through our Level II training. They are overseen by the Director of the Seita Scholars Program, Ronicka Hamilton.


The Wily Network

Boston, MA and Middlebury, VT

Community Based Organization

The Wily Network, a community based organization founded in 2015, uses the Fostering Success Coach Model to support students who are navigating college on their own in the greater Boston area. Many Wily Scholars have experienced foster care, and all are working towards their degrees without emotional or financial support from family. Wily’s coaches, all of whom are trained through FSCI’s Foundations training, meet weekly with more than 75 students on their college campuses. 

The Wily Network’s team of Clinical Coaches is overseen by their Director of Clinical Coaching, Ine Ogagan, as well as their Executive Director, Judi Alperin King.


Blavin Scholars Program

Ann Arbor, MI

University of Michigan Ann Arbor

 In 2007, The Blavin Scholarship was created by alumnus Paul Blavin to support undergraduate students who experienced time in foster care that now attend the University of Michigan. In 2009, the Blavin Scholars Program began providing programs to students. Through one-on-one coaching, educational and community building events, 24/7 crisis support, year-round housing, mentorship and campus liaisons the Program has maintained high engagement and graduation rates. Learn more here:

The Blavin Scholars Program has four Coaches, and they are overseen by Program Direct, Jessica Campbell. 

How can my organization become one?

  • Encourage your team members to all be trained through our Level II training.

  • At minimum, the Director, or the person/people responsible for overseeing Coaches needs to be trained through Level II.

  • Implement evaluation methods or checks and balances to ensure the FS Model is being applied. You may contact a Director above for ideas.

  • Contact Ronicka Hamilton, our Chair of the Board, on evaluation steps and approval to become a Coaching Affiliate.

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