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Joshua Merrills
Joshua Merrills

Senior Trainer, ICF Certified (ACC)

My name is Joshua A. Merrills. I graduated from Troy University out of Troy, Alabama where I have obtained an M.S. degree in Criminal Justice as well as a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice.

My career began as I was working as a case manager at McIntosh Youth Development Center which is a secure custody facility for males between the ages of 13 and 17. Working in the Juvenile Justice field of secure custody, ignited my passion and drive for holistic change amongst youth, families and systems.

I have spent the remainder of my 15-year career, working in the Juvenile Justice and Social Service field as a Behavioral Specialist, Mental Health Case Manager, Facility Manager, Senior Probation Officer, Outreach Specialist, Fostering Connections Specialist, and a Fostering Connections Specialist Supervisor.

It is my goal by way of my company, IStandard LLC, to bridge the gaps that exist in the lives of youth and families through information, education, awareness, skill development, and realistic modeling. I am a military spouse. I have a beautiful wife named Cindy Merrills. We have a son together. I have had the pleasure of living in 5 different states and another country. Due to traveling and having been exposed to different cultures, my lens has shifted, my biases have been challenged as well as my view on life as a whole.

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