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Please note that filling out this form does not commit you to a training nor does it guarantee we will be able to meet your specific requests. It is simply the start of the process. You will be contacted by Mallory Sellers, our Training Coordinator, within two weeks of filling out this form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum number of trainees?

No. However, the minimum registration fee for us to travel to you is $6,792 (equivalent to 8 registration spots). If you have less than 8, you still have to pay as if there were 8 people attending.

What are the expected costs?

Each person that registers costs $849. We project that travel costs are usually $1500-$2000 per trainer (we seek to always send two trainers). Travel costs includes flight, lodging, rental car, parking at the airport, and food.  At times, travel to the west coast can be more than $2000 due to the cost of living in the area. The site is also expected to provide lunch (and we usually encourage breakfast as well) for the trainees. Also take into consideration if you have to pay for the room you’ll be using to host the training.

What if we have someone who cannot attend all three days?

They will not receive the certificate of completion if they are not able to attend all three days, but they are welcome to attend. They will still need to pay the full registration fee.